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Monero Decorative Pillow Unboxing

Extra very small video, unboxing a Monero Decorative Pillow to add to my YouTube studio!Let me know if you like this addition to my set!Today Crypto News Update:👍Subscribe to my channel for more of these videos: you!📺📺Other videos you may want to watchWhat is Bitcoin?👍 👍 Follow Me on Twitter: you 😍😘🥰💰🙏Tips Jar/Donation - Thank You🙏💰BTC: 1GjjZCHuz2mBoNxdbcKUnF6joHcHNukjd9BTC (SegWit): 3BNY8jGTCwE6TJ3wxfrx8RVmWex6ma1fmNETH: 0x26aad8523d3d9a4c847d2b9fa05af105ac8f9fbdLTC: M9Db71paprydKUjUzrREaR8DxpRUhXtBi5BCH: bitcoincash:qzksx0hdm5t70hnx6zw99spvw5nkvy3lwghwex38ptDGE: DAHASwvUJjSMxVZCmPJUL1bRhhtafyYRchBNB: bnb1w720shyy4wpy60kylqu076fhspjk9qz7732c3uXMR: 44GB3dGQMLXM9r5BQhy5bb1CLvUXtFCbnRoRQ5eX7r2WAGfRK5Bs1t1Sr2SGBJd1TKaU6hun47EBnhfd2tL9LMzFDZbZjYP#monero #monerodecoration #unboxingmonero

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Diego "rehrar" Salazar to 36C3 discussion.

Heyo everyone. Welcome back to another edition of "rehrar asks for money to do Monero related things". In this episode, rehrar wants to go back to C3. So I guess...
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Revuo Issue 30

Revuo Monero is a weekly newsletter where you can find find the most recent Monero news.
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Should have used Monero!

The largest dark web child pornography site in the world has been taken down. That was the word today at a joint press conference from agents including IRS-CI announcing arrests and forfeitures.