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Monero could be to Bitcoin what Naltrexone is to 12 step AA

Everyday, millions of people make their way to 12 step meetings which basically don't work. AA has an abysmal failure rate, is cult-like, totally unscientific, anti-intellectual, anti critical-thinking, pro groupthink and is yet so deeply entrenched within society and popular culture that even doctors and courts may direct you to this program that simply doesn't work. The 12 step based recovery industry is infamous for it's "revolving door" situation in which addicts keep relapsing and re-enter "recovery." Essentially it's a failed and outdated product. For more information look up "The Orange Papers" available on the Wayback Machine. Enter Naltrexone. A scientifically tested and proven to work medication that has an 88% success rate in permanently CURING alcoholism when prescribed per TSM or The Sinclair Method. For more information look up the film "One Little Pill" by Claudia Christian. I can vouch for it personally as it's worked for me. Starting to see any parallels with XMR vs BTC? AA and 12 step has massive network effect, nearly a century old, is cult like despite being an inferior product. What's the moral of this story? I don't know. It's frustrating and pisses me off, but XMR may be relegated to being the better solution that society doesn't care about, or isn't incentivized enough to care about for the entirety of our lifetimes. People are mostly influenced by popularity and group-think- even if their path is illogical and inferior.
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