Monero Blockchain Dapp

self.Monero1m ago
Hello friends, ​ Monero is king. I want to know if I can do what I did for Fantom blockchain, with Monero? I built a decentralized application which I have setup for running on the Fantom blockchain and which currently runs in complete working order on the Ropsten Test Net. So basically the dAPP allows for users to subscribe to a service which provides member only area with content that only signed in subscribers can see along with other services. The subscriptions occur when a user clicks the button which opens up the MetaMask wallet on their browser and prompts them to make the purchase if the agree to the transaction. Once the TX is approved then that user who was before a guest now gains access, from the blockchain verification, to enter into a members only area from a new page link. I, the admin/builder, have a page that only I can see which allows for me to activate users from pending status, and deactivate them as well after 30 days time, each one of those users from their blockchain transaction/verification done on the dAPP. ​ Can I instead of launching onto Fantom which is an EVM compatible Solidity based chain be able to somehow do the same sort of transaction tracking and verification on the Monero blockchain to allow users to become members possible? Would it have to be in RUST if so? If you would like to gain a better understanding of what I am trying to explain you may visit the site which is not live and will not be for a few months. However it is completely operational already, just without any content so if you have test ether on the ropsten test network you can use it completely to see what I mean: []( ​ Many thanks friendly friends and always remember that unless someone breaks it, Monero is king.