Monero Binaries [VirusTotal results]

9D Ago
Following on from pt.1 [here]( (where i ask strangers on the internet to download random files) i've spent a few more days researching / creating a [script]( to show the detection numbers (the table below) ## 2022-09-18 monero-gui-win-x64-v0.18.1.0 |Filename|non-signed|signed| |:-|:-|:-| |monero-blockchain-import.exe|[30](|[19](| |monero-wallet-cli.exe|[14](|[11](| |monero-blockchain-prune-known-spent-data.exe|[33](|[24](| |monero-blockchain-depth.exe|[33](|[22](| |monero-blockchain-stats.exe|[31](|[25](| |monero-blockchain-ancestry.exe|[29](|[26](| |monero-wallet-rpc.exe|[18](|[12](| |monero-gen-trusted-multisig.exe|[16](|[13](| |monero-wallet-gui.exe|[3](|[2](| |monero-blockchain-usage.exe|[32](|[24](| |monero-blockchain-mark-spent-outputs.exe|[18](|[13](| |monerod.exe|[29](|[22](| |monero-blockchain-export.exe|[27](|[17](| |monero-gen-ssl-cert.exe|[0](|[0](| |monero-blockchain-prune.exe|[26](|[23](| monerod.exe is the only 'malicious' (crypto miner) in this list. Clearly we have an issue here, but it seems the easiest place to start (with obtaining a whitelisting) would be monero-wallet-gui.exe as it has the least amount of detections (again, this has no crypto miner inside it). I've sent an email to ESET enquiring about what can be done about this false positive and hope to hear a response. The Bitcoin Core community have faced the same issue. They removed mining code from their packaged binaries entirely and started an awareness campaign at []( to spread the message to anti virus companies. Should the Monero community start the same initiative? Perhaps a noob friendly/lite version of the Monero GUI, containing only the GUI.exe ? ( easier said than done ). Thanks for reading.