Monerica - A Directory For A Monero Circular Economy (on GitHub for community revisions)

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Monerica A Directory For A Monero Circular Economy Steps to contribute: Sign into GitHub (create a new account if you don't have one) Fork this repo by clicking the Fork button on: Clone your forked copy of the the repo locally (using Git) Change your remote so that you are pulling code from the source repo. Go into your cloned directory and run this command: git remote set-url origin Set your push URL to your forked copy: git remote set-url --push origin YOUR_FORKED_URL (ex: YOUR_FORKED_URL = Go into the directory you have on your computer, make commits for the edits. For example, find the index.html page and make changes to it. Create a pull request with your changes to the source repo When making contributions: Alphabetize your edits (make sure the first letter of the entry to the list is in correct ABC order for the list). Include a description of the product or service next to your entry. If necessary, add notes to your entry. For example, if there is a Monero discount, minimum order amount, country restrictions, etc. please include them. Example: (Notes: 15% Monero discount) HTML encode all entities, do not use things like emoji symbols without encoding. When possible, include the location. Example: Location: New York, USA. When possible, include the payment processor. Example: Processor: Coin Payments. When possible, add a verified checkmark if it's a service you have used (alternatively, if it's not a valid service, use the X symbol). Donations You can donate to help with hosting and admin costs by sending Monero to: 8BzHMDw2UaXNpCZM9wxABXW3qAKMxM2WxDGuDWSf5x5v7t1PdWdMfdLCzdtK8Eb9C5ZHcEHNR85bcbWhuK8SLCH46Pvy71q