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The more I learn about this coin compared to other privacy coins the more I love it. The devs seem awesome. The supply seems like a smart solution to, what I see the issue with securing the block chain after the coins are all issued. I was interested in dash until I learned about their significant premine activities. Seems sketchy... Yet they still have a high market cap. Zcash I don't like because they said they will cooperate with law enforcement which is a huge no no for a privacy coin. Devs have more activity than any other coin except for btc... I just feel like this coin is really good. Only thing I don't like is apparently they had a large attack back in 14. But considering they recovered and are still building and improving their coin, I think it speaks volumes. And hence why I want to mine it. I want to help support this block chain and contribute to making it more secure. If I had like 200 dollars how might I build a cheap mining rig to help the community? Profit would be nice but frankly I think monero is the best long term bet for privacy. And I want to do a bit more than just buy and spend with the coins.
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