Mining question

self.Monero13d ago
I'm sure you guys get these questions 10,000 times a day but googling doesn't really result in any clear or concise answers. A lot of it is contradictory and have no evidence behind their theories. So, basically what I'm wondering is very simple, obviously Monero mining is CPU intensive, but I was wondering if it hurts it at all to let it run GPU mining as well? ( CPU + GPU together ). Does it make it any better, any worse, or neither? I had a feeling it might actually might make it worse trying to run different processes through CPU alongisde GPU instead of just CPU. Am I wrong? Anyone who can explain I'd appreciate it. To be clear, I'm not asking if GPU mining is worth it or good blah blah blah, I'm simply asking if CPU and GPU at the same time causes any issues instead of one or the other