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Mining Monero for the future

Hi everyone, (and no one ;) I have been in this forum for a few months as of now and I'm introducing myself in crypto for the last few months. After reading most of the top 30 coins Whitepapers, for what I can understand (I'm an average computer user, with very very basic programming skills) I have the opinion that monero is heavily undervalued in comparison to some counterparts. It is as most of the coins focus on removing the institutions from the standard financial system but they are still focused on a financial, profit based system. I understand bitcoin goal as stability and predictability and monero goal as privacy. In today's society is clear that profit is still more important than privacy, but I believe that privacy is becoming more and more scarce, and that has to have value. Anyways instead of investing in crypto I would like to explore the possibility of mining monero. And I'm they regard I have a few questions about it 1) I've read in most places that monero network is resistant to Asics, is this completely true or investing in an Asic is still better than investing in a top notch mining computer? 2) I understand that monero can be mined both using GPU and CPU power, it seems that you have to choose in the configuration to use one or the other. Is this right or i can combine both? 3) Following that last question. If I were to mine monero, should I focus on my GPU over my CPU? The other way around? Or balanced? 4) My budget is around 1500 USD. Can you tell me if this is enough to put together a computer that's efficient to mine monero? 5) It seems that individual mining in monero is not very profitable, but also that there is a mining pool that has a very high percentage of the network processing power. Should I join that pool? Another? Or do it alone? I would like to point in this question that I would like to respect Monero's philosophy. Kind regards
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