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Low hashrates

I've tried various combinations of CPU's and miners, but it seems I'm getting lower hashrates than I should be. All configs running 4 threads All CPU's are stock cpuminer-opt-3.6.9 * i5 2400 ~105H/s * i5 4300U ~60H/s * i5 3570k ~65H/s Typical cpuminer config > cpuminer-aes-avx2 -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u [wallet] -p cpuminer_test -t 4 I use AES and SSE2 on the 3570k xmr-stak-cpu * i5 2400 ~105H/s * i5 4300U ~60H/s * i5 3570k ~75H/s Typical xmr-stak-cpu config > default config 4 threads Can someone please help either with comparative benchmarks on these CPU's or advise on how I could increase my hashes?
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