Looking for obscure Monero-related stuff

self.Monero1m ago
Hi there. I'm sure most of you have heard of "iceberg" videos that go over some specific topic talking 2-4 sentences about different bullet-points ranked in different levels of obscurity. Starting with pretty well known stuff and descending to the real obscure. I want to make such an iceberg video about monero and already have a few points like the 4chan /xmr/ general, paper xmr or the Haveno ZCash drama. I am now asking for your help to find out about the stuff I haven't heard of. It can be anything from well loved but now defunct services (xmr.to) to hyped features that were never implemented (triptych) or even stuff like the inflation bug. Sources are greatly appreciated. The end-goal is an entertaining video mainly for the monero community but if we get blessed by the algorithm we might even attract a few new people to Monero :)