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Locking down threads is not monero

Yesterday u/needmoney90 locked a thread/comments. This post broke no rules other than it disagreeing with your warped political views. There's no reason to lock threads, you simply do not go back to the thread if you do not agree or if it "triggers" you. You don't censor a conversation simply because you feel people are being "flamed". A disagreement is a disagreement not flaming. You create a toxic environment when you attempt to push your politics and world view onto others by locking threads and banning users, guess what? NOT EVERYONE AGREES WITH YOUR POLITICS, GROW UP!!! The Monero community needs to stand against any form of censorship. If users are being attacked or harrassed in a thread then appropriate action should be taken, but this was not the case here. Locking comments will not go over well here. CENSORSHIP IS WRONG.
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