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Ledger released 1.0.0 of live desktop app. Unsurprisingly without initial XMR support

馃殌Important bugfixes in Libcore that required us to migrate the local database (schema changed). Hopefully everything is transparent for you but please make sure to perform a full synchronization and only use your app if it says 鉁旓笍Synchronized, it might take a bit longer than usual. 馃殌

otherwise many polishes and fixes.

馃悤 Features finish off Firmware Update Manager will track the device disconnection to reload itself if not in a critical step 馃悰 Fixes Fix a genuine check false-positive case prevent multiple app instance to be opened fix the Operation Details to close itself a few seconds after opened (after a broadcast) 鉁忥笍 Polishes handle external link of markdown properly display nano vs blue in manager anonymize sentry logs analytics
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