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Last Month in /r/Doomero

Shameless plug to this great sub where we ^(actually just me :c) discuss the absolute scam that is Monero. But! Lucky you, here's a recap of what you missed: From oldest first! - This is the language Monero wants to base their PoW on.. ^[[link]]( - Fluffy tries to release MyMonero iOS wallet...^[[link]]( - THIS JUST IN: Monero had a cripplemine, funds are disappearing from MyMonero, funds are missing from FFS and it's all linkable to The Fluffs!!!^[[link]]( - Proof of Boating Accident ^[[link]]( (PoBA) - Monero in 2014 is the same as it is today -- Unveiling the truth about Monero: Monero is a Complete Artificial Bubble.^[[link]]( - Incompetent Monero developers didn't encrypt your private keys. All the idiots at Monero who released their private keys are now screwed!^[[link]]( And last but not least, - [Roses are red, Monero is bitter,]( ^^^^^. Anyways that's last month's recap! If you know anything else about the impending doom of Monero, be sure to share at /r/Doomero! *Sgp and Rehrar endorsed*^(*not really*).
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'Bulletproofs' Tech Coming on Monero Cryptocurrency

It has been announced that tomorrow, OCTOBER 18, 2018, the technology will be tested on Monero's blockchain network which has previously been identified as a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency.