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@duckrocks let me provide an alternative take on this.

The Monero community is very passionate about privacy, and we all acknowledge that real privacy is incredibly hard to get right. Those of us in the Monero community even realize that Monero has several weaknesses in regards to our own privacy.

What is very frustrating is when coins with gigantic claims to fame about their "impenetrable privacy" pop up out of the wood work all the time. Projects like Verge, TokenPay, and more. These projects usually offer incredibly weak privacy at best, and their "marketing claims" (that are just trying to make them a quick buck) are very dangerous to anyone who believes them.

The Monero community tends to refute these claims, swiftly and without apology, and in so doing, Monero has gotten a (hilarious) reputation amongst other coins as being "trolls" and "party poopers", just because Monero has the audacity to rain on the parades of the moon kids by telling them that their privacy isn't up to snuff.

It'd be similar to someone rolling their own crypto (noticeably and verifiably badly) and putting it in a chat app and claiming that you'll be "safe and encrypted forevermore" and something like Signal comes in and says "no, that's not how encryption works" at which point all the people working on the theoretical app (or otherwise invested) say that Signal goes out of their way to be aggressive and fanatical to other encryption apps because it wants to stay on top.

There has indeed been some bad blood at times between Monero and Zcash, although many in the community acknowledge our goals are more aligned than many might think, it's just our implementations and ideals are drastically different. This was clearly evidenced by the cross-country privacy panel that occurred when MoneroKon and Zcon1 were taking place at the same time on different parts of the world:

In summary, while Monero ...

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