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Justin Berman's (j-berman) first CCS update has been published!

What Improve the Decoy Selection Algorithm

When constructing a new transaction, your wallet references a past output you received in a prior transaction, and uses it as one of the inputs to your new transaction. The wallet hides this output among a set of decoy outputs from other people's transactions from across the blockchain, in order to sever the link from your newly constructed transaction to your prior transactions. That is what the decoy selection algorithm does in the wallet: it mixes your real outputs spent in a transaction among a set of decoy outputs. This algorithm has room for improvement to better protect users under a wider set of circumstances today, and I would like to focus on these areas. I found and patched a couple low-hanging fruit areas of improvement, and have written about 4 areas worth continuing to focus attention on today here:

Assess observed chain data and determine the relative safety of fully patching an integer truncation issue. Push forward a "binning" solution to bucket outputs into bins, in order to mitigate weaknesses in exclusively using past spending patterns to select decoy outputs. Collaborate with community member @Rucknium on methods of improving the probability distribution used in the decoy selection algorithm, so that it would more accurately reflect true spending patterns (it currently uses a gamma distribution -- @Rucknium believes there are likely better distributions to use). Work on a PoC that demonstrates how to simply enforce transaction uniformity in decoy selections via consensus. Informally audit monero-lws (light wallet server) for safety issues

The benefits of running a light wallet server alongside a node are significant. You could connect a light wallet compatible client to your server from anywhere, and your wallet would stay synced and ready to use at all times. This way you wouldn't have to wait for your wallet to sync when you load your wallet. The minor downside is that your add...

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