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Just bought my first ever XMR token

Hello everyone, For awhile now I’ve had this intense speculation roaming through my head and it’s something I just can’t ignore anymore. In the crypto space, I’ve always viewed BTC and ETH as the top dogs in the long run. However, Monero has been on the back of my mind as one of the best cryptos fundamentally for the purpose BTC was supposed to serve. I have been cautious on it due to a potential delisting from exchanges due to governments. After months of thinking I’ve finally come to a conclusion. With more regulation, Monero will just continue to grow in demand as people seek a more viable, decentralized option. This is more than just a store of value but has real, meaningful utility of being a currency more so. The market XMR can occupy is even larger than BTC. The supply is very similar in regards to BTC. The price action down here is more criminal than any of the use cases people may or may not use this coin for. This is going to be a better crypto over the long run than even BTC and maybe ETH, as well. I just bought my first XMR. It’s not much but as I continue trading stocks, I will exponentially add to my position here as this is our true future. Happy to join the team here ladies and gents!
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Demand for Monero increases

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