JABS (Just Another Brainstorming Session)

19D Ago
Hey everyone! Here are the main points of an idea that I wish could be implemented to increase the adoption of xmr as a currency. So there’s no better alternative than starting a brainstorming session and opening a discussion. Whether you like it or hate it or find it useless and stupid, join and add a comment! I’d like to see a platform that acts as a cryptocurrency interface between the users and online shopping platforms (Amazon, Airbnb etc…) by using gift cards. Currently there are already few options (like CakePay) which let you use cryptocurrencies to buy gift cards, but in my opinion this is a tedious process and it does not complete the user’s whole shopping experience. Indeed it just stops at the purchase of the gift card. Moreover this requires many clicks and time which discourage users like me who’d like this process to be optimised. Although this doesn’t look like a big issue, convenience and time are the main factors that lead the users’ preference. So what’s the alternative? I’d like a platform that shows the user only the info about the intended product and its price converted in xmr. The user then completes the purchase directly with 1-2 click. What happens behind the scenes? Well this is challenging and interesting. The platform would need to connect to the api of the online shopping platform, retrieve data about the product, convert fiat price into xmr, get input from user and purchase a gift card of the exact amount of the price of the intended product, then automatically use that gift card to complete the purchase on the merchant page. It’s important that all this happens behind the scenes so that the user would feel like they have direct access to the most popular shopping platforms with cryptocurrencies and use them to instantly buy products or experiences. Though this just automates what users are doing physically right now (using gift card to complete purchase), I think that it’s actually important since it would completely change their perception and approach to the usage of cryptocurrencies. These are my two cents. If you’re crazy enough to have read all of this without thinking that you’ve just waisted ten minutes of your life, then don’t forget to join the discussion. Just a note, I’m not technical, this is just a big simplification made with logic and guesses, but hey this is a brainstorming session, I’d be glad if any of you big minds comments/adds something more technical:) Thanks for your patience