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Issue assets on Monero, current research and phase of development? (anything but Tari thanks)

Hello, I looked at Tari and I'm not interested in it. At one point, asset issuance was on the roadmap for Monero. It seems to have been ruled out at the time several years ago, but since then great improvements have happened with Monero and it seems that there may be some researchers and developers considering it, but I am not familiar with those efforts. I would like having fixed supply and non-fixed supply assets issued and transferable on the Monero blockchain. Inheriting the ability for users to optionally show their balance with a particular key for audit purposes. Inheriting multisig capabilities. Where is the community with this? Is this something that merely needs to be proposed and funded for Sarang Noether to build? Is the idea of sending any kind of metadata with a transactions still completely impossible and wrecking the privacy model these days even with RingCT and Bulletproofs?
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