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Is Monero a good store of value? (Or is it just a medium of exchange)

I have just spent a great deal of time learning about Monero and the benefits it has over Bitcoin. The main benefit can in my opinion be summarized with one word: **Fungibility**. The more I learn, the more obvious it seems to me that for a medium of exchange to work, it has to be fungible. And in my opinion, fungibility is pretty binary, a coin either has it or doesn't. I've also realized that it is probably impossible to make bitcoin a fungible currency. This was one of the posts that helped convinced me: [Bitcoin's Fungibility Graveyard]( To me it also seems like Monero is very undervalued. However, I have listened to a lot of BTC maxis argue that a digital store of value can only be invented once and every attempt to recreate it will eventually fail. The network effect of bitcoin is simply too strong and so on. My question is: **Is Monero a good store of value, or is it only a medium of exchange?** How to argue against the BTC maxis? Will number go up for XMR as well or is it simply too late? Is the lack of fungibility a big enough problem to make Monero a better SoV than bitcoin? Do you guys use Monero as a SoV, MoE or both? Big thank you to the fantastic Monero community
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