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Is legitimately & securely doing cross chain atomic swaps in an open source, trustless & client side fashion? If so...

IFF is FOSS, trustless, client side, and *real* cross chain atomic swaps - we should explore adding a premitive Monero cross chain atomic swap feature to the code, that they might add. Otherwise, we should let everyone know that they are falsely masquerading under a false pretense. Of course, this depends on if we've figured out how to do atomic swaps with Monero: I believe it have, but it is far less then ideal, but it is being worked on via refund transactions. The version which I believe is possible with our current protocol results in locked funds of both parties forever, if it does not go well/meet the deadline. This issue of both parties losing their funds if it doesn't go well is remedied by the Refund Transactions, which I believe will be implemented as they are useful for cross chain atomic swaps, and lightning network (which itself is useful for cross chain atomic swaps, since it is just signed but not submitted transactions - though, I could be wrong). >Refund Transactions Informal discussions with a Purdue researcher at the IEEE workshop yielded great new information about refund transactions under active research by one of his students. Refund transactions are a necessary component of certain payment channel applications. A scheme was proposed to us that involves modifying the structure of outputs and ring signatures to allow for a sender to include two outputs: one is valid prior to a specified block height, and the other is valid afterward. We are working with the researchers on the details and security of this scheme, which could have great applications to Monero transactions. As I am sure many of us know, but is worth going over: cross chain atomic swaps is the means to anonymously and largely frictionlessly entering Monero. This makes Monero less likely to various attacks, and helps to grow it's marketcap (which isn't the goal, but is a consequence of achieving other goals: s...
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