Introducing the MoonRamp Payment Gateway

1M Ago
It is with great excitement we are pleased to announce MoonRamp. An open source, MIT licensed, self hosted payment gateway featuring Monero as a first class supported coin! ​ MoonRamp plans to support XMR, BTC, BCH, ETH, and ETC for its v1.0.0 goal. MoonRamp is focused on ease of use, security, and robust tooling. MoonRamp is being built with privacy in mind and looking to integrate with the best available privacy tools and techniques for each supported coin. ​ MoonRamp is still very early in development and welcomes contributors and feedback. Both hot and cold wallets are supported with plans for hardware wallet support. MoonRamp is a stateless service that supports most SQL based data stores including Sqlite, Postgres, MySql / MariaDB, and CockroachDB. ​ The website can be found at: []( ​ The book can be found at: []( ​ The code and technical details can be found at: []( []( []( ​ MoonRamp is being developed completely anonymously and is committed to open source values. We are excited to give back to the Monero community and look forward to sharing some new tooling for working with Monero in Rust in a future post. ​ A signal group / discord / irc servers have not been established at this point but we will be putting something together in the near future. Feel free to checkout []( to provide ideas / feedback.