Introducing Monero.House - A New Reddit-Style Forum for the Monero Community!


Following the overwhelmingly positive reception on this thread, I'm excited to announce the launch of Monero.House, a new forum for the Monero community!

Reddit is set to IPO in the next few months and we don't know what will happen. They could drastically increase userdata collection, ban third-party clients or just straight up censor everything "bad" or "shady". Should something happen to our subreddits right now the closest thing we have to a fallback is 4chan so Monero.House was created to fix this.

Monero.House is a community-run reddit-style-forum (built with lemmy) that aims to provide a censorship-resistant platform for Monero users to discuss various topics related to Monero, including news, technical developments, market analysis, and more. The platform is not at the mercy of Reddit's ToS, meaning we can discuss Monero and its features without the risk of censorship.

To ensure high quality, accounts are manually approved. If you want to make an account, just post your MoneroHouse username in the comments of this post!