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Interview with Serhack about Monero Web Integrations

This is an interview with SerHack a developer from Italy who is working on Monero Web Integrations.

For who don't know Monero, it's a privacy focused cryptocurrency with private transactions by default and with a passionate community.

lt: Let's start with something easy. Who are you and what do you during daylight? Hello lt, Nice to chat with you, I'm SerHack, a web developer, sysadmin. I'm the man behind some important website and Monero Web Integrations :D During daylight, I work, of course!

lt: Which cryptocurrencies do you follow and why did you decide to cooperate with Monero? The cryptocurrencies adventures started to this year: a friend, in fact, contacted me for a job and told me that those currencies are the future. After that, I started to find some technical details: how they works, how they can be useful for me. I decided to cooperate with monero because it was the first cryptocurrencies that I've never heard it before. Date: May 2017

lt: Can you describe how the Forum Fund System (FFS) work and how your development proposal got accepted? After finding Monero, a guy told me that I could develop some web-ideas for Monero and community could paid me. I started to work for a great and elegant proposal, and after 5 days of drafts, I published my development proposal. Fluffypony, before funding, contacted me because he had some question about my project. Got accepted and in 7 hours, my funding was completed: 126 XMR (more or less 5000€)!

lt: You are developing a CMS integration for merchants, can you describe (briefly) the current features and the future development? Web integrations are useful things for cryptocurrencies: final users can pay with them by a click. My mission is simplifying Merchant's life. Monero Web Integrations have a lot of features like QR code, paying with a click, checking transfers... (more features are coming)

lt: Is there something else You want to say to our rea...

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