Interview with Serhack about Monero Web Integrations

steemit.com5y ago

This is an interview with SerHack a developer from Italy who is working on Monero Web Integrations.

For who don't know Monero, it's a privacy focused cryptocurrency with private transactions by default and with a passionate community.

lt: Let's start with something easy. Who are you and what do you during daylight? Hello lt, Nice to chat with you, I'm SerHack, a web developer, sysadmin. I'm the man behind some important website and Monero Web Integrations :D During daylight, I work, of course!

lt: Which cryptocurrencies do you follow and why did you decide to cooperate with Monero? The cryptocurrencies adventures started to this year: a friend, in fact, contacted me for a job and told me that those currencies are the future. After that, I started to find some technical details: how they works, how they can be useful for me. I decided to cooperate with monero because it was the first cryptocurrencies that I've never heard it before. Date: May 2017

lt: Can you describe how the Forum Fund System (FFS) work and how your development proposal got accepted? After finding Monero, a guy told me that I could develop some web-ideas for Monero and community could paid me. I started to work for a great and elegant proposal, and after 5 days of drafts, I published my development proposal. Fluffypony, before funding, contacted me because he had some question about my project. Got accepted and in 7 hours, my funding was completed: 126 XMR (more or less 5000€)!

lt: You are developing a CMS integration for merchants, can you describe (briefly) the current features and the future development? Web integrations are useful things for cryptocurrencies: final users can pay with them by a click. My mission is simplifying Merchant's life. Monero Web Integrations have a lot of features like QR code, paying with a click, checking transfers... (more features are coming)

lt: Is there something else You want to say to our readers? How can people contact you if they want to know more about you or your development? I would share Monero to everyone, it's a great cryptocurrency based on a great community. There aren't any companies, governments behind Monero. People can contact me by email: [email protected] , if they want to know more about my development, they can check my reddit profile I'm looking for anyone who wants suggest ideas, please share them with me!

Thanks, for your time and your work for the Monero community