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Interested in what developer MJ-XMR works on? I interviewed him and wrote up an article to explain in layman's terms

This is a post for anyone who's keeping tabs on the project, and like me, didn't understand the work that mj-xmr does on the project. It wasn't that he doesn't explain what he's working on - on the contrary, he has written [long CCS reports]( It was simply that I didn't understand the subjects he was discussing. So in that vein, I organized telephone call with him to learn more. He's choosing to remain pseudononymous, so instead of recording an interview, with his agreement I wrote it up into an article here: [What MJ-XMR Has Been Working On – A Layman’s Guide]( If you get a chance to read it, let me know your thoughts below in the comments. (FWIW - the site doesn't use any Google Analytics tracking, nor does it have any ads or trackers. I think it does use fonts from Google, but that's it. It's a basic Wordpress blog I write to discuss topics related to Monero)
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