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Incorporating XMR in "Exchange - DNM" path, especially using Cake Wallet for Android.

Friends, like most of you for a long time the current path I follow for you know what has been: "BTC Exchange - Electrum on Windows - Electrum on Tails - DNM". I've recently downloaded the Cake Wallet app and did my first transaction and BTC-XMR exchange; was quite pleased with the low transaction fees. I want to convert to monero for the reasons we all know. But I'm not quite sure as to how one could properly create a whole new path with a mobile app in between and not compromise security. What are some of the pathways do you guys adopt for yourself? What would you suggest? I've been thinking doing "BTC Exchange - BTCxXMR on CAKE - DNM" which would not only lower the transaction fees by a great margin but also save me time and effort. But honestly it seems too simple to be "even safer than usual". This is a transformation which I'm sure many people are looking to make so any insight would be much appreciated.
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