Inadvertent XMR money laundering for privacy



In general, is it legal to wash money that was lawfully obtained through some process such as an XMR mixer? I’m considering getting paid in XMR for crypto jobs, and as a biproduct will be inadvertently laundering it. What if your intention isn’t to launder your money, but it simply happens as a side effect of using XMR?

I think this is more a question about money laundering laws, which I know nothing about. The same could be said of withdrawing your money from an ATM and intentionally preferring cash for privacy, which is laundering on a smaller scale.


Edits: I intend to pay my taxes and register it somewhere as my earnings, say in an official invoice and payment statement.

Assume two hypothetical scenarios. One of intentionally using a mixer, for a person that simply likes privacy. And another where they don’t use a mixer.

For someone based in Australia.