I've tried Cake Pay in Germany. Here is how it went:

I've tried Cake Pay in Germany. Here is how it went:

Since the only demonstrations of Cake Pay I've seen so far were showing the US-only in-app version of Cake Pay (buying icecream & much more), I wanted to share my experience with the international version at https://buy.cakepay.com/ :)


When visiting buy.cakepay.com, you are greeted with a sign-up screen prompting you for an email address. After putting in one of my anonaddy alias-emails, I very quickly received a code to log in.

Sign-up screen

After login in, you can either check the status of an order or select a country.


Next you can select from a variety of gift cards, most interesting for me personally: Amazon, Mediamarkt/Saturn & Flixbus. Others might have great interest in the prepaid VISA cards.

You can see all currently available options for Germany here.


I selected the Amazon gift-card option and entered 32€ (as that is what my shopping cart came up to), got this nice screen and sent my Monero (Censored some info).

Payment screen

Using the gift-card

As soon as the payment reached 10 confirmations, I received an email with a link + code (this is not the gift-card yet):

Site to claim gift-card

After entering the code from the email, I was presented with my amazon gift-card code, which I added to my account and paid my order with! I had ~60 cent left over which appear to expire 10 years from now, so don't worry if you don't spend all at once :P

Attention! It looks like you have 24 hours to claim the code so don't be lazy after sending your Monero, thinking you can come back a few days later.


All in all, it was a quick, easy and cheap process and how I'll fund many if not all of my amazon, mediamarkt & flixbus purchases from now on.

Massive thanks to Cake for this great service! This is making Monero a lot more usable in everyday life and I hope it sticks around forever :)

Personal wishes

My only wishes for the future would be the addition of food-related giftcards. Something like REWE (supermarket) would be insane and make the dream of buying groceries with XMR come true! Fastfood or delivery like McDonalds, Starbucks, Liferando (UberEats is not available in my region so I personally don't care) would be amazing as well.

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