I made a summary of the available information related to the new XMR Android app.

5Y Ago

In August it should be ready for community testing!

/u/gkruja has some screenshots of the Monero Android Wallet. Infos The android wallet uses a JNI framework to allow the android java application to have access to the monero CPP code to allow access to the wallet functionality in java. The wallet is currently functioning, it syncs with the Node, can view transaction history and it can send transactions right now. The wallet uses the same wallet files as the CLI and GUI. Updates are coming on every dev meeting and they're looking for feedback from the community. The wallet files are stored on the external storage of the phone so you can copy them to your PC or vice versa. In August it should be ready for community testing and once everyone feels it's stable enough for release the app will be submitted to the play store.

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