I'm pitching Monero on a crypto show

1M Ago
This wednesday at 2200 UTC I will compete with 3 other projects, pitching with just 5 minutes. The winner is decided by community votes. I am in competition with some niche communities which regularly watch this show, so It'll be hard for us to win but please support and give us your best! We are even running giveaways for each project to the crowd, I will be giving away 1 xmr and 100BUSD all you have to do is vote for me! I really want XMR to win this, I've practiced my pitch a bunch to get it down to 5 minutes. And the show is only an hour or so, then you can vote for xmr and you could win a whole one! This is the link to the show. Feel free to tag any of your other monero loving friends or xmr fans you know on twitter! https://twitter.com/Honeybadger1314/status/1566463741469786118?t=e3iYCdpG7OYJEI0hNCjlnA&s=19