I'm contemplating build a P2P/DEX/dAPP, so I want criticism and feedback


I'm fully aware of BISQ, and I know that development work is currently going into Haveno. Simply put, I hate Java with a passion, Bisq has been quite a pain to get up and running, and I'm happy to dedicate some of my own free time on something that is: anonymous, P2P, and not-for-profit. I don't want to make money out of this, I want people to be able to buy and use Monero without jumping through KYC. The recent news about banning Monero across many CEX and Countries has galvanised by belief that Monero will be needed in the future, and it has to remain easily accessible. I can't legally buy Monero anymore, nor can I trade it, without using BISQ or sketchy wallet apps on my phone which I know are tracing my activity.

From my technical perspective, I'm thinking of doing a combination of Bitcoin MultiSig and Monero MultiSig. Obviously some kind of transaction verification design is needed that won't be easily exploitable. I'd like to stay away from Escrow and Arbitration as much as possible. I'd like to run this over Tor or some other onion service. It should be done in a way that any entry-level developer can set it up running, and eventually be packaged in a way that makes it even simpler for any Linux user to use. I'm not interested in supporting OSX or Windows, maybe Android in the very long term.

This would be done either in Python or C++. I would prefer Python as I can get things done in a much faster pace, but if I encounter serious obstacles, I'm happy to switch to C++. I'll place it on gitlab or similar.

I'm posting here, because I want opinions, criticism and feedback, don't be shy and don't hold back.