I just have tested Majestic Bank

1M Ago
Hi all. After seeing all that is going on with MajesticBank, and the fact that it is listed in my page (https://kycnot.me) with a high score, I decided to write out why it is not delisted as of now. I want to say that I have no affiliation with Majestic Bank at all. I did not unlist MajesticBank because I got no complaints from any user to my contact platforms yet. All I got was an email containing some Dread posts saying they were exit-scamming. I doubted because they are contributors to many Monero-related projects such as [Haveno](https://haveno.exchange/sponsors/), [GetMonero](https://github.com/monero-project/monero-site/pull/1952)... and many others. I contacted with MajesticBank via Telegram to make sure everything was OK. They answered, what can be seen in the following screenshot. This was my first conversation with them via Telegram. [Telegram chat screenshot](https://postimg.cc/2q0KVZXQ) I ignored the Dread posts and thought that if someone contacted me with proof that they were doing something nasty, I would have delisted immediately for sure. A few hours after all this, https://kycnot.me was taken down by a big DDoS attack, from which I don't know the source. I was able to solve it after a few time. I don't know if it is related in any way to all of this. Today, I saw [a post on Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/xmrtrader/comments/wwwnv1/majestic_bank_accused_of_exit_scamming_find/) saying again that Majestic Bank is accused of exit scamming. I got a bit nervous, as I don't want to have a scam-site listed on kycnot.me. So I decided I should test if MajesticBank is really not processing orders myself. I did not warn anyone about this test, so that if they really were exit-scamming, couldn't prepare. So I went to majesticbank.is and opened a XMR-BTC trade for 0.5XMR: [2022-08-25-12-16](https://postimg.cc/zVnb5SVc) Then, I went to my wallet and sent the transaction to that address: [2022-08-25-12-17](https://postimg.cc/rzhc4D7w), [2022-08-25-12-20](https://postimg.cc/hfpJf41L), [Transaction](https://blockchair.com/monero/transaction/de8e85b5bff45acbd9a4759e0371247ed5a3a13a56265070606efa2ffba1edde) After it was confirmed, I updated the MajesticBank page and I saw it was indeed received: [2022-08-25-12-18-1](https://postimg.cc/BPJ5Hq7x) Minutes after, when it had 4 confirmations, the order showed as processing: [2022-08-25-12-27](https://postimg.cc/GHqKPyC9) Finally, I opened my Bitcoin wallet after a few more minutes, and it was being received: [2022-08-25-12-29](https://postimg.cc/566YGYzX) So everything went fine for me. I have not already contact MajesticBank about this test and I hope they can clarify what happened whit all this drama. I hope this can help. **That it worked for me does not mean that it is NOT a scam yet, we need more clarification specially from MajesticBank. But at least, it is working for small trades up to 0.5XMR which is what I tested.**