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Syrian president Bashar al-Assad visited Iran one week ago and new strategic scenarios came to light. Middle East isn't just a war zone, it's a critical trade center between East and West and every country wants to be part of Middle East's future. Iran competes other powerful countries of the West, upgrading its global status, thanks to its geostrategy value, economic growth and Syria. Syria gave prominence to Iranian role as the only factor which can solve efficiently the Syrian divisive problem during stressful times for Russia, US and other superpowers.  Maybe Iran is the missing link of region's prosperity. If Iran follows a more mild foreign policy, it will give definite solutions to initial issues such as Palestine and Kurdistan. Israel and Turkey have to be positive to open a dialogue channel with Iran and the other stability factors of the Middle East, NATO & UN. China missed that chance to deepen the trade with Iran and now China is completely out of any …

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