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How to earn in 2018

After 10 long years broadcasting..and censoring, i have come to a conclusion. By installing various myths and outright lies...pretending to be buddy's with, if you will. i have managed to amass 47.288 usd in that time frame. Over 91% of it came from one source and certain individuals know who that one "party" haha is. After 10 years and millions scurried away I now do it solely for joy and to appease the elitist friends...and i say elitist friends with GREAT PRIDE!. i HAVE MADE THEM HAPPY...I HAVE BEEN GAINFULLY REWARDED AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES.
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Monero Coffee Chat: 15 December 17:00 UTC

Introduction This monthly meeting will feature longtime active members of the Monero community, who will answer questions from others. It will be loosely organized, and it will run about one hour. Thi...