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How to disable monero-wallet-gui.log ?

With v0.17 release comes portable mode that moves settings and wallets inside portable wallet folder, but still leaves two traces. * One is c:\program data\bitmonero which can be moved or disabled by using remote node. * But the other one I didn't find a way to disable. Every time after launch gui wallet creates C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\monero-wallet-gui\monero-wallet-gui.log I tried to put daemonFlags="--log-file=c:\\temp\\gui-wallet.log" in settings.ini but it didn't work, I presume that --log-file is not for gui wallet log. Does anybody know how to move monero-wallet-gui.log or better to disable it completely. It would make portable mode really portable, and will give me peace of mind, because wallet would not leave any files (afaik) on PC outside of portable folder.
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