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How the GUI wallet intro should look like? [POLL]

This form tries to collect the preferences of Monero's user base on how the GUI wallet introduction screens should look like, and how the possible options should be presented.

This DOESN'T guarantee these are going to be implemented. It's just to gauge what the user base prefers.

These options are known as modes, they are:

Mode A) The user uses the GUI with a remote node. Usually the option for those who don't have enough storage or don't care about having less privacy.

Mode B) The user uses the GUI with a remote node while the blockchain is downloaded in the background. This is going to be the recommended option since the user can quickly have access to the funds but also in the future contribute to the decentralization effort, while maintaining full privacy.

Mode C) The advanced mode where the user has access to all the options the full feature GUI provides.

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