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How monero/bitcoin is saving my life.

Im not sure if I should tell this story, but I cant really keep it for me anymore. Its very late there where I live, but I cant stop thinking about it, so I think I have to share this story with the community. I will omit some details for obvious reasons. I will try to sumarize it as I can, the story is too long and makes me feel powerless. I live in a First World Country, no Venezuela, no Africa, a modern country..., so keep in mind that this can happen to any of you. No exceptions, theres no govt that isnt corrupt in the world. A couple of months ago, my whole family , except me and my brother was arrested. (All the rest of my family lives in other country) Why? No one tells me anything, its supposed to be money laundering, but the attorney told me, that there are no evidence to such accusations. The case is secret, so the attorney cant do nothing to defend my family till the fucking govt decides to unlock the case. And god knows how much will it take... I know the reasons behind this , basically "dishones competition" sopported by a corrupted govt, but anyways, what can i do about it? And I swear to god, my family has never laundered any fucking money, and neither their business companions. Im very interested in economics so i always knew what was going on since they told me everything. I dont care if u dont believe me, since its not the main topic of the thread, but I have to say that they are innocent. The news I have heard/read about the case are all wrong, its all bullshit, theres so much fake evidence that is being revealed. Its all manipulation. Im 100% sure that my family is innocent. But u know what? The fucking govt locked all my bank accounts, stole all my cars, so basically I have nothing. I cant pay the bills because everything is locked. And they "stole" my fiat savings when they did the raid.... Why? Because they were my family, so they consider me a criminal too. I mean... WTF? Justice is so fucking slow there, so it will take a while...
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