How many of us are working on non-financial products?

1M Ago
Hi, I wanted to tinker with a few ideas on the weekend: \- cross-messenger tipping bot \- football pool betting and let's say I didn't see much progress in developer experience compared to five years ago when I paid closer attention to Monero's progress. Now I'm convinced even more that it's THE cryptocurrency, but I also wonder why DX suck so much :) ​ I'm not expecting Braintree or Stripe-level experience. Or maybe even it's too early to talk about Bitcoin-level dev experience. Arguably, having a shelf node like []( defies all the privacy features, but a tool that simplifies running a regtest network like []( will surely come in handy. ​ So that made me think, how far are we into building apps that are not directly responsible for moving money in and out of Monero? Or are we still pretty much on the infrastructure level?