How do I prune blockchain?

1M Ago
Hi all I’m using monero GUI wallet, i have limited storage space on my computer and external SSD. Im not using CMD line or anything, so please if possible keep things simple 😄 I’ve been syncing for the past day, and I’ve cleared next to 100GB+ on my SSD for the blockchain, even though I set the block height to a few days before the wallets creation date (less that 7 days ago) I woke up this morning to find monero GUI wallet has completely filled up my SSD - again. And still has 115,000 blocks remaining. It’s only a 500GB drive - I know in this day in age I should have an SSD with terabytes, but I’ve not had change to upgrade yet. Within the monero GUI wallet, there is an “extras” folder with a “blockchain prune .exe” file - do I just run this? If so, how does the exe know where the blockchain is located on my drive? Because I could run that .exe file from any drive. Please help, I’ve cleared another 30GB and that’s not looking like it’ll be enough and there not much else I can delete from the drive Thanks