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How do I find and connect to my full node from my other machines (pc/phones/etc)

Quick question regarding how to locate the info for my full node. Up until this point I've been using a my local node and occasionally remote nodes from the Monero GUI from my laptop and sometimes the occasional hot wallet with Monerujo on my Android. Instead of running the GUI in the background of that machine I wanted to run my node from a dedicated machine. I was going back and forth between building one from a Raspberry PI or purchasing a pre-built mini/micro/stick PC and running it from there. I ruled out the stick PC for concern on cooling issues so I found a happy medium and went with "The LarkBox" which is this super tiny PC (like 2x2 inches), upgraded the storage to 1TB via an internal m.2 sata III SSD, and downloaded the CLI from getmonero. I plan to keep it running as close to 24 hours per day as possible and have gigabit internet with no data limits. The blockchain is fully sync and I can see its active when I have Monerod.exe open. My question is how do I find this node with my other machines. I want to be able to connect to it on both my home network and occasionally when I travel. I know how to connect to nodes but how do I actually find my nodes info. Thanks for any potential help!
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