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How can my freelancer friends get paid more easily in monero?

I have a few friends who do odd jobs online to earn what they can. Programming, drawing, creating adult content, teaching spanish, fitness coaching, and so on. To them it's already quite hard to get paid in crypto, some oppose it because of lack of customer protection and dont want to bother with arbitration, others are opposed to crypto or are concerned about the state coming after them for buying crypto or their bank closing their account (which does actually happen with some banks, madness), other customers do have crypto but they either don't have access to xmr, or think they don't have access to xmr, or can't be bothered to purchase some coin that they dont want to hold just to make one payment, or a thousand other reasons. What websites could they tell their clients about to increase the odds of convincing them in participating in a monero transaction? I'm not talking about convincing them about the virtues of monero, but about reducing friction, the number of steps required, having more methods of payment, services which don't require an account and convert other crypto to xmr and send it to a target address, etc.
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