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How can I trace back my own transaction to myself in the blockchain?

To understand better how transactions can be linked/traced, I did the following: 1. Sent some XMR from an exchange account to a new MyMonero wallet. Transaction ID is *TA*. 2. Checked transaction *TA* on []( There are 2 **outputs**: public keys *OA1* and *OA2*. 3. Sent some XMR from that MyMonero wallet to the same wallet. Transaction ID is *TB*. 4. Checked transaction *TB* on []( There is 1 **input** with 7 signers (mixin of 6), but **none of the signers' public keys match the public keys displayed in the outputs of** ***TA***. I thought one of the signers would match one of the outputs of *TA*. Why none of them matches? How can I trace back my own transaction?
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