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How can I trace back my own transaction to myself in the blockchain?

To understand better how transactions can be linked/traced, I did the following: 1. Sent some XMR from an exchange account to a new MyMonero wallet. Transaction ID is *TA*. 2. Checked transaction *TA* on []( There are 2 **outputs**: public keys *OA1* and *OA2*. 3. Sent some XMR from that MyMonero wallet to the same wallet. Transaction ID is *TB*. 4. Checked transaction *TB* on []( There is 1 **input** with 7 signers (mixin of 6), but **none of the signers' public keys match the public keys displayed in the outputs of** ***TA***. I thought one of the signers would match one of the outputs of *TA*. Why none of them matches? How can I trace back my own transaction?
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How can I churn or send an individual Monero input?

For some situations, users should avoid linkages between outputs that they control. Users may desire more anonymity sets than single ring signatures provide. To this end, users may want to churn