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How can I accept Monero for OnlyFans?

What would be the easiest and most hassle-free way for my subscribers to send me tips in XMR? I seen a clear and concise infograph on here showing how to buy Monero, so I could perhaps just send that to my subscribers but it takes away the "urgency" if you will. I'm all in on Monero. I was accepting tips in Bitcoin for a while, straight to my Coinbase wallet... then I recieved a nice notifcation telling me they have provided my information to the HMRC (UK Tax Authority) becuase I had £6,000 in my account... even though I'm a non-resident now. **FUCK THE HMRC** My plan is just to keep my XMR tips for the next 2/3 years as i'm soooo freakin confident in it exploding Edit: Thanks for all your replies! Really appreciate the help — DM me I’ll send a personalised thank you crypto brahs. X
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