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Hoja de Datos de Monero (#monero-es) - Quick-Fact Sheet (Spanish Translated Version) - Monero Outreach Workgroup

Hi everyone, This is a reminder for all newcomers, contributors, users, etc. to come and give your ideas and contribute to the [Monero Outreach Workgroup]( There are a lot of stuff to be done and we are very excited to have you as a contributor and participate of the Monero Community. Here's the [Spanish Version - Hoja de datos]( / [Printer Friendly - Hoja de Datos]( of the [Monero Quick-Fact Sheet - Reddit post]( for anyone who needs information to hand over to journalists, investors, newcomers, etc.. p.s. If anyone wants to translate the document into another language just write a comment in [Quick-Fact Sheet Taiga USER STORY]( or leave a message to [u/ErCiccione]( (**XMR Contributor**) or [u/xmrhaelan]( (**Monero Outreach Organizer**) for further information. * For Spanish speakers, join us in the [Mattermost #monero-es Channel](, [IRC #monero-es Channel]( Thank you all. :) Hola a todos, Este es un recordatorio a todos los nuevos miembros de la comunidad, periodistas, interesados, cientificos, etc., que vengan y nos aporten con sus ideas y contribuciones al [Grupo de trabajo de Monero Outreach]( Hay muchas cosas para hacer y estamos emocionados de que sean contribuyentes y participen de la Comunidad de Monero. Aquí les compartimos la [Versión en español - Hoja de datos](http://www.monerooutrea...
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