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Help with why the wallet is so slow to sync to a LAN node?

In a previous post I mentioned how slow my wallet was to sync to a monero full node running on my LAN. Another poster had mentioned it takes ~5 hours for them to sync the entire blockchain while for me it takes that long just to sync 10K blocks. So I am wondering if anyone can help me determine why mine is so slow and hopefully to improve that speed.   Monero full node is running in a docker container on a NAS running Unraid v7.7.0 with dual Intel Xeon X5680 @3.33GHz CPUs, 24GB RAM, and dual gigabit NICs that are bonded.   The wallet is running as an AppImage on my Dell Inspiron 7559 laptop running kubuntu 18.04 with an Intel Core i5-6300HQ @2.30GHz CPUs, 16GB RAM, gigabit ethernet, and kubuntu 18.04.   The node runs 24/7 and is current before the wallet application is started. When I start the wallet application, it takes a minute or two before there is even information updated about syncing with the node and then the wait to update to current blocks happens.   Let me know what other information could be useful in determining why the slow communication and thank you for any help in resolving this.
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