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Help Wanted: Twitter Spaces "best of" video

Thanks everyone who joined us for the first ever Monero Twitter Spaces event! I had an absolute blast! ### The specs * It went on for 7.5 hours * We peaked at about 300 attendees * Twitter Spaces crashed about 2 hours in, so we restarted after * The Twitter Fleet promoting the Twitter Space had over 6,600 views in about 20 hours ### What would help a lot Monero Talk very kindly livestreamed the whole thing! It's in 3 parts. I also recorded the event, but despite specifically selecting "record internal audio," I ended up with a video with no audio :/ If you would like to make a "best of" shortened version of the 7.5 hours of content, that would be hugely appreciated! I know it's a lot to listen to, but this would be a great way to bring it down to 30-60 minutes. This video could contain the best jokes, the most informative content, etc. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Thanks!
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