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[HELP] Seem to be stuck with unusable XMR

I've been mining Monero for quite a few years and let it fall by the wayside some time ago when I didn't have time to work through a network upgrade. I found my hardware wallet and wanted to sell my monero for ETH just to simplify things, but it seems I can't. I've tried morphing it and selling it but can't get anywhere. These are the places and issues I've had. Binance - Gives you a long payment id and address for depositing, which are not supported by the wallet XMR.TO- Blocked. Since when is this blocked in the US? Morphtoken - Same as [](, since when was this blocked? ​ I don't know where to go from here because I don't know who I can trust. I've never been a privacy freak, but having the added security of monero was nice in the past. Now it's just a pain. Any suggestions? ​ EDIT: Someone suggested []( and that worked wonderfully. Thank you to everyone.
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