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Having Trouble with BTC/XMR Atomic Swaps

I'm really hoping someone can help me out with this issue regarding atomic swaps. So, yesterday evening I used [this]( guide (published by, which was recommended via [this]( reddit post for setting up atomic swaps in a linux terminal. I followed the guide without any trouble and made my first trustless swap (awesome!) for a small amount of BTC to xmr. It took roughly 30 mins for all the tx confirmations to go through, but still worked great. Very excited for that. I then initiated another swap with a larger amount of BTC with a vendor listing a swappable btc\_maximum of 0.03 BTC. I sent 0.03 BTC (0.03000702 BTC with the network fee) to the provided address as I had in the swap I had just previously made before. After a minute or two the terminal spit back a result that said the amount of BTC deposited was too high for the vendor and the swap had been cancelled. I attempted to cancel the transaction (double spend) on my side from my electrum wallet, since I know the BTC can be refunded with an atomic swap that is cancelled, but was unable to since the tx already had a couple network confirmations. So my question is, does the atomic swap protocol have a timeframe in which if the xmr is never swapped, the BTC is sent back to the original address? How long do I have to wait? Currently my 0.03 BTC is just sitting in this [address here](, and I do not have control over the funds. What the heck do I do? Thank you so much to anyone who knows this process better than me, as I would very much appreciate any advice or explanation. Definitely would hate to lose 0.03 BTC at the current prices... geez. ​ ​ EDIT: I have had a little luck with the "cancel" function as others have mentioned, but for some r...
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