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Having problem sending raw transactions using daemon rpc interface

I'm trying to implement a "split wallet" in monero. I want to create signed transactions in one process and later transmit them to the monero network in a different process. I'm creating transactions using the json rpc method "transfer", with "get_tx_hex" and "do_not_relay" both set to true. As expected it doesn't transmit the transaction, and returns it as a hex blob. This hex transaction is then used for the "tx_as_hex" value in the "sendrawtransaction" daemon rpc method. It doesn't appear to fail, but the transaction does not show up in the network. The following is what is returned by the daemon: { "double_spend": false, "fee_too_low": false, "invalid_input": false, "invalid_output": false, "low_mixin": false, "not_rct": false, "not_relayed": true, "overspend": false, "reason": "Not relayed", "status": "OK", "too_big": false }
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