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Great Threats 2020 and beyond for Monero - What to look out for?

There are many threats and scams listed on the Monero FAQS: Fake exchanges, apps and other things. From personal experience, working with support (just reading tickets /monerosupport) or being knowledgeable..... At present is there a threat (aside from government) that stands out? I am also open to learning about more "generic crypto" threats/scams too. Are there 1-2 things more informed people hear about and think: *"Damn! Not Again - poor guy. WHEN will people learn?"* Or is it always changing and no specific threats stand out. Is there anything based on the way Monero is moving that we should be cautious of in the future? Example: As someone who used to sell computers back in the day. Customers would call to say they put their coffee in the holder, a bit spilled, now their cpu won't turn on. ***"Damn! Not Again - poor guy. WHEN will people learn?"*** **CD** does not mean Coffee Drinkholder. Yes, it appears your cup goes there sadly ma'am (sir) you were wrong. Possibly less obvious examples exist with Monero or Crypto....
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