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GitHub - guidovranken/monero-bleed-poc


Get the current production Monero release:

wget tar zxf v0.14.0.2.tar.gz


clang++ poc.cpp monero- -I monero- -I monero- -I monero- -lboost_system -lpthread -lcrypto


clang++ -fsanitize=memory -fsanitize-memory-track-origins -fPIE -pie -fno-omit-frame-pointer -g poc.cpp monero- -I monero- -I monero- -I monero- -lboost_system -lpthread -lcrypto

This proof-of-concept isolates the behavior seen in a number of functions in src/wallet2/wallet2.cpp, eg.

2288 void wallet2::update_pool_state(bool refreshed) 2289 { 2290 MDEBUG("update_pool_state start"); 2291 2292 auto keys_reencryptor = epee::misc_utils::create_scope_leave_handler([&, this]() { 2293 if (m_encrypt_keys_after_refresh) 2294 { 2295 encrypt_keys(*m_encrypt_keys_after_refresh); 2296 m_encrypt_keys_after_refresh = boost::none; 2297 } 2298 }); 2299 2300 // get the pool state 2301 cryptonote::COMMAND_RPC_GET_TRANSACTION_POOL_HASHES_BIN::request req; 2302 cryptonote::COMMAND_RPC_GET_TRANSACTION_POOL_HASHES_BIN::response res; 2303 m_daemon_rpc_mutex.lock(); 2304 bool r = epee::net_utils::invoke_http_json("/get_transaction_pool_hashes.bin", req, res, m_http_client, rpc_timeout);

The request (req) variable is not initialized and its contents will be formatted into JSON and sent to the peer. This can be a problem if the client is connecting to a non-local daemon or bootstrap node.

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